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Hello darling! I'm Tricia!

Owner & Stylist

I'm not taking clients right now, but book with our team here!

Tricia started her journey into hair in 1999, right after she got home from a year of traveling and playing the trombone with Up With People, which is a multi-cultural performing arts leadership program. While traveling, the cast members had very little money, and had no time to find someone to cut their hair, so Tricia offered her services and realized she had a knack for it. Thinking this could be a long-term option for her, she attended Haywood Community College. Tricia graduated and got her license in 2001 and started her career with the dream of continuing to help people as she did when she was traveling.

Tricia and Paul have been together since the dawn of time... well, probably! They have three wonderful boys: Adrian, Logan, and Eric. They are still as cutesy in love as they were when they started this life journey together! They share lots of interests, such as playing Dungeons and Dragons, music, growing their businesses, and loving on their kiddos! 

Tricia is no longer accepting new clients, now focusing more on growing the business and training and supporting her team to reach their professional goals. All of her stylists are in tune with Tricia’s philosophy of Team-Based Service to care for and empower our guests. She has continued to take business classes to focus on her leadership skills and has been to New York City and Washington D.C. for intensive training on the philosophy of curly hair care. She has been a member of Curly Hair Artistry since 2014. 

Tricia’s passion for hair is equally matched with her need to care for and encourage a positive learning environment not only for her stylists but for the guests we empower. Our goal is to bring beauty from the inside out. We endeavor to educate our guests so they have the power to recreate at home, what we do for them at the salon.

Pink and Blue Marble for Website..jpg

What were you the

most grateful for in



I was grateful for having a true team of amazing people standing behind me now. 

What are you

looking forward to

in 2023?

I am looking forward to being about to spend more time with my husband and 3 sons. 

What is your go to

coffee house order?

My go to coffee house order would have to be a peppermint tea! 

What is the weirdest

fact you know?

You can not lick your elbow.

You just tried didn't you?

Who is your favorite music artist?

Bette Midler!

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